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FreddieFerric 12-12-2021 05:57 PM

Congratulations Max Verstappen - 2021 Formula 1 Champion
What an incredible finale to a dogfight season. Louis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battled to the bitter end.

Formerly YB-2 12-12-2021 06:54 PM

While Hamilton & Mercedes complained (especially Mercedes), Hamilton blew it on that corner and Verstappen took advantage. Congrats to both for not wrecking each other, as they have done 3-times this season.

Levitator 12-12-2021 07:04 PM

Letting them both race the last lap gave them both a chance to ‘win’ the race and to do otherwise would have been a let down given this was teh race to decide the world champion.

I feel for Lewis somewhat given he pretty much led the whole race but the racing gods smiled down when the safety car had to come out 3 laps from the end - unbelievable finish and look forward to next year when they’ll do it all over again!

FreddieFerric 12-12-2021 07:54 PM

Have to give Hamilton a lot of credit. He ripped off three race wins in a row to tie the points battle. 4 races ago I was saying the championship was Max's to lose and he darn near did.

Always nice to see a first time champion.

crwilli 12-12-2021 08:55 PM

Congratulations Max Verstappen - 2021 Formula 1 Champion
It didn’t feel right to me to have the race director take the track position away, that Lewis had worked all race long to build, just for a TV Race. It was a NASCAR type move to me to make the TV audience happy. I don’t agree with it.

Mercedes built their end of race strategy on that track position and poof, it gets taken away.

Had they known, they may have also pitted when Verstappen did.

Formerly YB-2 12-12-2021 09:05 PM

While it was unfortunate that Latifi crashed and the safety car came out, how would you give Hamilton his lead back? Safety car or yellow always piles the cars up. Last lap of the last race makes it doubly unfortunate, but that's racing.

FreddieFerric 12-12-2021 11:24 PM

Latifi's crash was a legit moment and the track officials handled it properly. Clearly bad for Hamilton and good for Max. That's the nature of racing.

As far as NASCAR is concerned it would've been as many GWC finishes as needed to get the race competed under green flag conditions.

Louis had the lead on the last lap and lost it. Nothing more to say about it really.

crwilli 12-13-2021 12:51 AM

Congratulations Max Verstappen - 2021 Formula 1 Champion
It was unfair advantage to let Verstappen close by artificially moving the markers. If MB knew they would do that (it was a unique ruling) they may have taken a different strategy. That’s all.

BTW - I couldn’t care less who won.

lostinla 12-13-2021 02:17 AM

Unfair. FIA have been a shambles most of the season. Axe Michael Massi

Formerly YB-2 12-13-2021 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by lostinla (Post 1050821)
Unfair. FIA have been a shambles most of the season. Axe Michael Massi

F1 has had a problem for many years and they continue under Masi. Trying to balance the performance index between competing companies/ego's (same with IMSA) is a very difficult and thankless job. Was much easier in the days of normally aspirated engines and analog/mechanical controls.

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