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Sweetmusic69 08-21-2012 04:07 AM

Amazing deal on CR-1's in Europe
I was deep in research yesterday afternoon, while taking a well earned break I came across a pair of CR-1's for sale at an unbelievable price, it seems they have now sold already and only listed yesterday!

It seems the seller was based in Belgium, any one of the forum populous here?

Has one of you guys bagged a serious bargin here

Ebay listing form this morning
TAD Compact Reference 1 (CR1) Loudspeakers
See original listing
TAD Compact Reference 1 (CR1) Loudspeakers
Item ended
Item condition: Used
Ended: 20 Aug, 201219:55:04 BST
Price: £19,500.00
Courier - Check the item description or contact the seller for details.
Item location: Bruxelles, Belgium
Member ID hifi_freak_79 ( Feedback score of 85Blue star icon for Feedback score between 50 to 99) |Seller's other items

eelii08 08-21-2012 06:25 AM

Have no idea sweetmusic.

How do you like the 02s? You are the only other person I know that has them besides me.

Do you find the clock to make much of a difference? I did not with the 03s, but have notmtried with these. There is a new clock out...

Sweetmusic69 08-22-2012 08:50 AM

Hello eelii

Well it seems the seller has relisted the TAD CR-1s today and lowered the price to boot!

I found the Rhubidum clock did make a very respectable difference to the P03/D03, sound stage depth was noticeably improve both in depth and width, spatial awareness also received a good lift along with deeper, tighter and more articulate bass.

I would add a caveat to this, a good friend of mine also used the previous incarnation of the Esoteric's I did loan him the clock, and he felt the difference was minimal, until he changed his speakers from Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage to the Focal Utopia Maestro’s

I was never entirely happy with the D-03, the Analogue devices AD1955 dac chip has never been a firm favourite with myself, though Esoteric's implementation wasn't a bad effort by any means.

The 02 variants, use the (imho) the more natural and realistic AKM 4399 chipsets in a dual, dual differential configuration. Superb outright resolution and texture, grain free digital too.

Currently I feel they offer some of the best digital reproduction available if you are seeking the absolute in realism.

They are not to everyone liking in fairness, a few of my friends find them a little too close to mark in reproducing music, and it upsets the perceptions of music they have been listening to for a number of years.

One issue I have with Esoteric is running / break in time, the transport took around 600 hours before it showed signs of delivering the performance it was really capable of.

What are the main differences have you found between the older 03 and your current combination eelii

eelii08 08-23-2012 08:52 PM

The 03s were great too my liking. Very musical. The 02s are that and then more. Have better detail and textures. More accurate in tone. Very rich but also realistic in a way I never heard before. I know this is very personal, and many people will not agree, so only in my opinion, I do not have the need to use the TT anymore with these when you put all the factors on the table. It is out of the system right now and I dont sell it just becouse it is such a nice piece of hardware.... And you never know. They are that good to me. It is a big step forward in all areas really with no gives away.

Re the clock I heard almost no difference with the 03s. I had it home twice and noticed small things , but very small in magnitude.... Not even sure they were there. So I did not went for it and saved some good money for once. Maybe the speakers had to do with it. i had the B&W 800 di at the time. They should be capable of showing the difference but I did not hear it. Maybe with the much more resolving R1s and the 02s it can be different.

May give it another try. My dealer offered me a good deal on the model they had for demo now that the new model G0 is out. Wonder if there is much difference between the G-0rb and the new G0.

Did you notice the same improvement with the 02s with nad without clock as you did with the 03s. I think the clock implementarion to link transport and dac is much beteer in the 02s.

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