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Jeffy 01-15-2017 12:54 PM

Does the Bricasti need to be powered through the USB cable?

johndoe21ro 01-15-2017 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Bavarian05 (Post 703537)
Question for current owners or those with M1 experience...

I am considering a power conditioner and a power cable upgrade. Looking at Silver Circle Audio and Shunyata currently, but both brands are VERY costly these days for their better products. I've recently sold all my albums and turntable so I do not need many outlets as it is a digital only system going forward.
I run a Luxman integrated amplifier, a Bricasti M1 DAC and soon to be sourced by a Bryston BDP-2 in its newest iteration.
My system is currently run from two dedicated power lines, a 20 amp circuit for the amplifier only and a 15 amp circuit for both digital devices.
My cabling is all Audioquest currently, but I have never been a fan of their power cord efforts so looking for good recommendations. Bricasti uses Purist Audio cabling a lot at shows, but I don't have a dealer anywhere near me and their line is a bit confusing.
Which power cable and conditioner have you used and had positive experience with?

I'm kind of off-topic for not having a Bricasti but what AudioQuest power cables let you down? I think NRG-1000 and above are simply amazing!
I also recommend IsoTek power conditioning products (as GreginNH1)! They work magic with your gear!
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Art Vandelay 01-16-2017 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by Jeffy (Post 826558)
Does the Bricasti need to be powered through the USB cable?

Yes it does. The Bricasti M1 uses the popular XMOS input chip that's powered from the host device.

I know several M1 owners who use a variety of devices to inject a clean 5V supply rather than rely on the often noisy motherboard supply from their mac / pc.

I'm using a JCAT PCIe USB card that provides an external dc input socket, so for me it was a simple matter of powering it with a discrete low noise linear regulator, which uses a two stage series + shunt design with some RF filtering. My PC is also powered from a discrete linear supply and the internal SSD's are additionally powered by linear shunt regulators. The PC is also fan-less and uses a low power i7 quad core processor. Under normal operation the total input power is roughly 15 Watts.

SalR406 12-10-2020 06:15 PM

I'm a new M1SE owner, hoping this thread is still good for questions.

What does it mean when the display reads "RELEASE"? I find no reference to it in the user manual. Any ideas?

Bones13 12-11-2020 07:31 AM

I have noticed that recently, after updating the firmware. Seems to happen around power interruptions. Pushing the stand by button clears it. Manual (M12) is not up to date.

crwilli 12-11-2020 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by SalR406 (Post 1024789)
I'm a new M1SE owner, hoping this thread is still good for questions.

What does it mean when the display reads "RELEASE"? I find no reference to it in the user manual. Any ideas?

I asked the same question and got this back.

Direct from Bricasti…
Pressing a long press on the standby will invert the phase of the trigger in voltage, so how the M3 will act on the voltage being hi or low at the trigger in jack to go in or out of standby you can change this as some preamps might signal high for going in to standby or low. If you press and hold too long its telling you to let go and “release" your finger, you held it too long.

SalR406 12-11-2020 03:59 PM

Thank you both for answering.

Strange, I wasn't pushing any buttons at the time. In fact, the M1SE was in standby mode and I played a track in Roon to the M1SE network input. Then the M1SE displayed "RELEASE" on its front panel, but did not otherwise wake up and play music. I had to press the "Stand by" button twice to wake it up and hear music. I suppose the lesson is to always bring it out of standby mode first. For comparison, I also have a MOON 780Dv2 and it will wake itself up from standby mode automatically when I send it a track from Roon.

I think the manual does need some updating. In fact, the printed copy that came in the box ("MDx 1.00 release 2/20") is newer than the PDF copy on the Bricasti web site ("V1.22 release 9/14").

Other issues:

The manual says the “Status” button on the front panel leads to 8 levels of menu, but only describes 7 levels:
1. Input Type/Running Sample Rate
2. Output Sample Rate
3. Digital Overflow
4. Temp Monitor
5. Version
6. Phase (has “PhaseNRM” and “PhaseINV” settings that turn phase inversion off or on)
7. Trigger (has “CtrlTRIGI”, “CtrlTRIGO”, and “CtrlREMOT” settings that configure behavior of trigger jack on rear panel)

However, I find that my M1SE has these menu levels:
1. Input Type/Running Sample Rate
4. Temp Monitor
5. Version (mine reads “MDx 1.04”)
7. Trigger
6. Phase
8. Remote (has “RemoteON” and “RemotOFF” settings that enable and disable the hand-held remote control unit)

#2 and #3 are missing and #8 is added.

The manual refers to multiple filters available for DSD playback (“Filter 0”, “Filter 1”, “Filter 2”), but does not explain how to select from among them. I've experimented a bit on the front panel, but could not discover how to do it. Note that these DSD filters are described as distinct from the 9 linear phase filters and 6 minimum phase filters selectable from the “Filter” button.

Pressing the "Display" button, then the "Status" button causes the display to show "RBalNORM". Turning the volume knob changes it to "RBalSTBY". Don't know what that means and it does not appear in the manual.

I find that the Stillpoints feet have some jiggle along one diagonal. That is, gently lifting the unit from the right front corner results in a little see-saw play. Lifting from the left front corner results in no play at all. This may be caused by imperfect flatness of my rack shelf. I have to experiment with that a bit more.

Well, it’s always fun to explore a new piece of equipment. I don’t want to give a false negative impression. I’m finding the M1SE to be a great performer both sonically and functionally. Listening is a real joy, and I’m very happy with my purchase. A user manual that needs a little work is hardly a deal-breaker.

crwilli 12-12-2020 12:39 AM

The good news is the menus are not that deep and for normal use, you will settle on a config that works the best for you and have little need to change.

The only time Insee RELEASE on my M21’is of I have pressed on StBY too long.

I rarely need to ever look at any other options.

My routine is this for shutting down.

Lower volume to 45-50, hit mute, hit standby. Dead quiet.

SalR406 12-12-2020 11:50 AM

Yes, I agree. I'm still in the "getting to know it" phase when new equipment arrives. That will pass.

SalR406 01-10-2021 02:07 PM

Following-up on my post from last month… I didn’t have much luck via email, but Bricasti support was excellent by phone. I got around to phoning them directly last week. Here’s what I learned:

Regarding the M1SE not waking up from standby mode automatically when receiving a track via Roon. It does not wake up automatically. You have to wake it up manually first. Bricasti acknowledged this behavior. I don’t think they consider it a bug. I don’t really consider it a bug either - just a missing convenience. Though the display of “RELEASE” on the front panel in this situation does seem glitchy to me. Not a big deal.

Bricasti emailed me a PDF copy of the latest manual (“MDx 1.04 release 2/21”), which is newer than the printed copy that came with my brand new M1SE and newer than the one posted on their web site. It resolves most of the discrepancies I found between the manual and observed behavior.

The menu levels “Output Sample Rate” and “Digital Overflow” below the “Status” button described in the older manual, are in fact pro audio features not meant for consumer use. They no longer appear in the latest manual. The “Remote” menu level that was missing from the older manual is now included in the latest one. No issue here.

The DSD Filters described in the manual as user-selectable don’t seem to be accessible from the unit itself. So this remains an open question.

Bricasti explained that the “RBalNORM”/“RBalSTBY” feature turns out to be a way to change the behavior of the remote control unit. It allows the user to toggle the behavior of the balance button between a “balance” function and a “stand by” function. However, my remote control does not have a balance button. I was unable to try out this feature.

The jiggle in the Stillpoints feet, as suspected, was only a matter of imperfect flatness of my rack shelf. No issue here.

Well, again, I don’t want to give a false negative impression. The M1SE sounds great and is very easy to operate. I always do this with a new piece of equipment - explore the manual and controls to see what it can do and understand all the settings. Sharing my experience here for new users who may be searching the boards with similar questions.

Thanks to Bricasti for the post-sale support.

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