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George Prentice 05-07-2022 07:23 PM

Class D amplifiers
I am an old audiophile. Fifty years in the making and slowly gravitating towards tubes as I realized that musicality and natural presentation were more important than slam and details alone. But I have been methodical and consistent in my pursuit… and really happy that it has led me to the wonderful system to enjoy in my retirement.

I tend to be pretty on the cutting edge in most things over my life. But I admit that I greeted the Class D amp with great suspicion. I have kept my ear open about them… and heard the initial elation followed be criticism and adoption in mid-fi. I love where I am… no chance I am changing unless Audio Research comes out with a Reference 320s.

But I am still curious. In general you guys are knowledgeable and well healed enough to have a objective assessment of Class D.

So, who has tried it? Assessment?

Masterlu 05-08-2022 02:12 AM

Class D amps for Subs; OK

Class D amps for Main Speakers; Hard Pass

bart 05-08-2022 03:20 AM

I head the Purifi amp modules a couple of times now.
I think they will be very serious competition for class A en A/B (tubes and solid state).
And this comes from a guy who loves tubes!

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